Where We Sing

We primarily provide comfort and support to people nearing the end of life, singing to them at their bedside in Calgary hospices. Though end of life is our main focus, we are available to sing to anyone experiencing any major life changes. When invited, a group three to six choir members will sing in private homes, care facilities, hospices or hospitals.

The Bridge to Peace Threshold Choir also offers presentations combined with a song bath. During a song bath the individual rests in a reclining chair while surrounded by singers offering songs of comfort and support that “wash” over them. Encircled by musical vibration they experience kindness made audible. Responses to being bathed in music are as individual as the listener.

To book our choir to sing to you or a loved one please email us.

Watch the video to see an example of a song bath that was performed during a conference.

Kate Munger leading an evening session at the 2012 All Choir Conference

Our Members Have Sung At:

  • 2020 – 2022:  Practices were held on Zoom due to Covid restrictions. The choir reserved part of each evening for dedicating songs to organizations or individuals
  • 2019:  Private invitation events for Cool Choir, Women of Woodcliff, Red Deer Lake United Church
  • 2018 – 2019:  Good Grief: Nature Walking through Grief and Loss
  • 2016 – 2018:  2018 Equinox Vigil
  • 2017 – 2019:  Wellspring Alberta @ Carma House Calgary
  • 2018:  Living with Cancer at Sage Centre (Hospice Calgary)

The Songs We Sing

We sing songs of peace, love, comfort, letting go and courage. Our voices come together in harmony to allow listeners to feel less alone on their journey and to help them relax. We sing a capella (no musical instruments), often in three-part harmony, mainly from the official Threshold Choir repertoire of over 300 songs. Most of these songs have been written by members especially for singing to those on life’s thresholds.

More Songs:

Can I Stand Here For You
Words & Music by Kate Munger

My Grateful Heart
From the Tenderly Rain CD by the Theshold Choir

Threshold Choir Gives the Dying the Gift of Music

Pure Grace
From the Walking Each Other Home CD by the Theshold Choir