Who We Are

The Bridge to Peace Threshold Choir is a diverse group of people offering our voices in service through the gift of song. Our members are of varying ages, careers and musical backgrounds coming together to create a caring, nurturing community. We feel called to offer a transformative and beautiful service for people at the major thresholds of life. Our choir provides comfort and peace to those experiencing a transition in life; birth, death, marriage, new careers. Threshold Choir has no affiliation with any faith tradition and we sing for all people.

Request A Visit

We offer the gift of song, at no cost, to those at the thresholds of life. We sing songs of peace, love, comfort and courage allowing the listener to feel less alone on their journey. Sessions are guided by the listener and can range from a single song to several, with visits lasting from 10 to 30 minutes. Family and friends are welcome to support their loved one and share in the musical experience. Learn more about the songs we sing.

When invited, a group of three to six choir volunteers will sing in private homes, care facilities, hospices, or hospitals. We primarily provide comfort and support to people nearing the end of life but are available to sing to anyone experiencing a major life change.

To request a visit, please contact us by email and we will reach out to arrange a time. Please allow our volunteers a few days to make the necessary arrangements. Our services are offered free of charge.

Donations are gratefully accepted and help offset our organizational costs. To make a contribution please contact us.

Join Our Choir

The Bridge to Peace Threshold Choir gives singers opportunities to offer their voices in service, to develop confidence and leadership and to create community in the deepest sense. Our members have diverse musical backgrounds— some have previous choral or musical experience, others do not. We invite those to join who are moved by this work, can maintain their pitch and harmony, or have a willingness to learn.

Our choir meets on Wednesday evenings for rehearsals. We also offer various workshops for our members based on the needs and interests of the group. Everyone singing at bedside must complete a Bedside Workshop course, have a Police Information Check, and up-to-date Covid vaccinations (October 2022).

We welcome all singers who feel moved to provide comfort and peace through song to those experiencing a transition in life.

For more information on joining our choir, please contact us.